Treating stainless steels the way you want We solve the problems concerning the heat treatment of stainless steels (solution treatment), such as quality, delivery, costs, prototypes, small lot production, large and long products.

Six strong points of StainlessHeatTreatment.COM

Strong point 1
Confidence in the quality!!

With our accumulated data and original setting method, we can solve the problems of coloring, galling, and deformation.

We solve the problems of quality
Strong point 2
Achieving short delivery time!!

We are so very committed to short delivery time that our plant operates every Saturday to fulfill customers' requests.

We solve the problems of delivery delays
Strong point 3
Cost reduction!!

In our company, we create the most efficient production plan by taking advantage of all the characteristics that a vacuum batch furnace, continuous vacuum furnace and continuous hydrogen furnace have to offer.

We help reduce the production costs

Strong point 4
Prototypes and small lot products accepted!!

We can give advice on heat treatment beginning from the design stage and propose an optimized treatment strategy.

We can handle prototypes and small lot products
Strong point 5
Treating large and long products!!

Our company owns two super large vacuum heat treatment furnaces. These large furnaces can handle heavy products as well.

We can treat large and long products
Strong point 6
Performing other heat treatments in addition to solution treatment!!

Besides solution treatment, we have many experiences in such treatment as annealing lithium ion battery cases after deep drawing pressing.

We can perform treatments other than solution treatment