Problems with the heat treatment of stainless steels
We solve your various problems of the heat treatment of stainless steels.

We solve the problems of delivery delays

Commitment to quick delivery
The plant operates every Saturday, so whenever we receive an order, we can achieve short delivery time.

Having a problem with delivery delays?

From Monday to Friday, 6 rounds of trips are made each day

Everyday we are performing solution treatment at 1020 to 1050ºC and quenching and tempering martensitic stainless steel.
For solution treatment of mass production parts, a continuous hydrogen furnace can handle up to 100kg an hour.

Especially for deep drawing stainless steel products, a time restriction is often set on the heat treatment process to prevent season cracking. However, no matter when we receive an order, we can achieve quick delivery.

Moreover, we accept treatment of large products, treatment with special temperature range and holding time, and precipitation hardening of stainless steels at any time. So, please feel free to consult with us.

As for delivery, our delivery trucks make 6 rounds a day from Monday through Friday to deliver and pick up products at 4 prefectures surrounding Aichi prefecture in the Tokai region.

In addition, we are committed to quick delivery so much that our plant operates every Saturday to fulfill customers' requests.