Problems with the heat treatment of stainless steels
We solve your various problems of the heat treatment of stainless steels.

We help reduce the production costs

We will propose a more efficient process.
Cut the loss and cut the costs with minimum operating time for heat treatment.

Having trouble reducing your production costs?

Today the pursuit of cost reduction has progressed to such an extent that even a 0.01 yen reduction in costs is considered significant especially for mass produced products.In our company, we create the most efficient production plan by taking advantage of all the characteristics that a vacuum batch furnace, continuous vacuum furnace and continuous hydrogen furnace have to offer.

For example, let's say processing, pressing, usage, or lot control restricts a lot size of a product to 10,000 units. In this case, if a vacuum batch furnace has a capacity to treat 15,000 units at once, this extra capacity would be wasted. However, our continuous hydrogen furnace (with a belt conveyor) can operate only as needed to eliminate unnecessary operational costs.

Also, treating 2 lots in a batch furnace requires two cycles of heating (raising temperature), holding, and cooling. However, a belt conveyor style continuous furnace needs to be heated up only once to let products move through its heating chamber, which is already at the proper treatment temperature, thus enabling treatment with fewer processes.

In case of a vacuum batch furnace

In case of a continuous vacuum furnace

In case of a continuous hydrogen furnace